My New Year's Challenge

Since I was a teenager I've wanted to be able to make my own clothing. Not to just have a nice handmade dress, but to be able to sew the things I see in stores that I can't afford (hello, Anthropologie!). I've been sewing off and on for about 8 years and I've made a few things that I love and wear often. For years I pretty much dove head first into each (usually overly ambitious) sewing project and learned by trial and error. I've only recently begun to really read up on proper technique and, as a result, produce things that look more professional and wearable. Sewing can be meditative for me and I love getting lost in the construction and details of a piece and then seeing it all come together.

My goal for this new year is to sew a Spring wardrobe for myself and have enough wearable pieces to participate in Me-Made March. Basically, the idea is that I should have at least one hand-sewn garment to wear each day. I've been wanting to do this for the past couple of years so now is the time!

Keep in mind that I do work full time and organize a local craft group, but I will do my best to post at least twice each week. I'd like to make one item every week until March. I'm planning to include pattern reviews, sewing tips, and tutorials along the way. I'll also post occasionally about my other craft loves - knitting, crochet, and embroidery.

My first project will be the Sorbetto top from Colette Patterns, which is FREE and super easy so definitely give it a thought if you've been afraid to take on garment sewing yourself! I will be documenting my process and posting lots of photos so feel free to follow along and ask questions.

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