Preview of the Ava top

Last night I used my new croquis to sketch out what I plan to do with the Ava pattern this week. I scanned it into my computer and colored it in today.

The fabric is this chevron print from Mood. I've been trying to find a print like that in fashion-weight fabric for almost a year now so I snatched that up as soon as I saw it! Hopefully it will get here before I finish my muslin.

I honestly wouldn't have gone through all the trouble of finishing the patterning and color on my sketch if I hadn't had second thoughts about this pattern as soon as I sketched it on me. At first it just didn't look right and I thought the flare at the bottom made my hips look even bigger than they are. But now that I see it all together I really love it! The chevron print on the fabric I ordered is a bit smaller than what I have pictured here, but I couldn't get it to tile right so I made it bigger.

And yeah, still no feet on my back view. I really should fix that at some point.

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