Sometimes things just don't work out

Due to poor planning on my part, the Ava top is sadly not happening this week. I was running out of fabric and, in an attempt to "make it work", I tried taking some of the fullness and length out of the peplum. Here's what I wound up with:

Taking width out of the center panel pieces on the bottom made it impossible to line up the seams with the top. I was working on talking myself into being ok with that...until I tried it on. Taking width out of the bottom also means it is now way too small for my waist. Oops.

I don't plan to give up on the Ava though. I'm absolutely loving it in this fabric! I was so proud of my stripe-matching that I guess I forgot all the other rules of sewing. But it's alright, I'm ordering more fabric and I plan to re-do the bottom pieces as soon as it comes in.

And I'm not giving up on only the 2nd week of my challenge! I decided that I still have to come out of this weekend with some kind of finished garment. I've been working on it all night and can't wait to put the final touches on so I can show it off tomorrow! Stay tuned :)

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