Week 2 - Self-draped cardigan

After I realized that my Ava top would have to be scrapped until I can order more fabric, I started scrambling for something else that I could make quickly. I had some lovely coral knit fabric in my stash that I'd been wanting to use and I immediately thought of a simple drapey cardigan. I had a pattern that I was going to use (Simplicity 1961) but then I decided that I really, really hate dealing with tissue pattern paper. The pattern pieces were HUGE and I would have had to iron out the whole thing. And then it wouldn't even fit on my table after that! It was such a simple design that I convinced myself I could drape it.

There were lots of "happy accidents" in this one. First I cut the sleeves too narrow, so to fix that I cut them in half and used lace to fill in the space. I love it! Then the sleeves kept wanting to fall down so I had to ruche the shoulders. Love that too! I also got to use the rolled hem feature on my serger for the first time and I think I may be addicted now. I finished it off with buttonholes so that I can cinch the waist in with a belt and still leave the nice drapey part down the front.

Please overlook my poor quality photos. It was dark by the time I finished and I just had to get this thing posted tonight! I tried to lighten them up a bit.

Fabric - 1 yard of coral t-shirt knit from Fashion Fabrics Club - $4.45
Pattern - None except for the sleeves, I used a sleeve pattern from the Built By Wendy: Home Stretch book as a guide.
Notions - Thread and lace that has been in my stash forever

Total Cost - $4.45. Awesome!

What should I make next? I have tons of fabric that I got on sale at Fashion Fabrics Club but of course I only bought one yard of each (d'oh!). I'm thinking a skirt. Whatever it is, it will need to cost me 0 extra dollars. I just paid a huge vet bill so I'm broke until next Friday...boo! Time for some creative thinking.

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