Clover Muslin #1

I finished basting my Clover muslin together last night. Pants have been this mysterious, far away goal of mine that I've been too afraid to tackle for years. Now I really don't know why, because it wasn't that hard. And now the construction totally makes sense. I got all silly excited and pranced around the house with a big grin as soon as I tried them on. All I could think was, "Pants! I made pants!". I'm pretty sure that's all I could say for the rest of the night. Hooray, pants!

But back to reality. They seemed to fit pretty well at first and I thought maybe I'm the one person who won't need to make multiple muslins to get this pattern right. I used a weird burgundy microsuede that I would normally never, EVER pick out for myself but I had a 40% off coupon for it. And it was one of the very few fabrics at JoAnn that would actually work for this. I know because I went down every aisle checking every bolt end for that "3% Lycra" content.

(Let the unflattering photos commence...)

Fit issues: After wearing it for a while and testing the fit, the waistband does seem loose. I think I can take that in about an inch. The, erm, crotch area seems like it is a bit long in the front too. This has the effect of making me feel like I constantly need to pull my pants up. So I'm going to take out about 1 1/2 inches there too. I also need to add more length to make these full-length pants after hemming.

I'm guessing this pair will have to become capris, which kind of makes me sad. But hey, if this turns out to be an actual "wearable" muslin I will be happy! I was pretty sure this first version would be a wadder.

The obligatory butt-shot. For scientific purposes only!
I didn't notice this until I saw the photos, but what's up with those diagonal wrinkles in the back thigh area? I think it may just be the way I'm standing. It wasn't doing that when I was looking in the mirror. I don't know...I'll need to investigate that one.

Keep in mind that the seams are really bulky so that may have some slight effect. I just basted all the pieces together so that I could test the fit and didn't want to cut into the fabric at all until I could try it on.

Any suggestions?

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