Preview - Contrast Yoke Sorbetto

My sewing mojo is at a major high right now but it's all over the place. So many ideas! So many plans! So much fabric! In my spare time I've been sketching, pinning fabric finds, and sewing.

This is a sketch I came up with last week. I scored this awesome white eyelet fabric at Gail K Fabrics while I was in Atlanta. I originally planned to make it into a plain Sorbetto, but I wanted to do something a little more interesting. So I decided to use the eyelet fabric on top and a solid color for the bottom. I went through my stash holding different fabrics up to the eyelet and decided I liked the color pop of this teal jersey along with it. I had a good bit of jersey left over so I decided to make a simple gathered waist skirt with the rest. That way I can wear the two pieces together as a dress or as separates!

The construction was very simple. I just traced my Sorbetto pattern onto a new sheet then drew a line straight across just above the bustline. I cut out the pieces, then added a seam allowance to the line I drew when I cut the fabric out.

Jersey and I began as mortal enemies, but with some technique changes we are quickly becoming best buddies. I love working with it now! I changed the needle thread on my serger to match the jersey but kept the others white. I'll definitely be using that trick again, it worked out well. The side seams were serged, all others where the jersey met the eyelet were done using a very narrow zig zag.

I used my twin needle for the very first time to do the hem and I'm in love. It looks so professional!

Unfortunately, it's been dark and rainy here all day so I have no decent pictures to show you. I haven't finished the skirt yet though, so I will do a photo shoot of the whole outfit once that is finished. For now I will leave you with this phone shot that Scott just happened to take over dinner last night:

Happy stitching!

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