Colette Spring/Summer Palette Challenge

Colette Spring/Summer Palette Challenge
Here is my inspiration board and color palette for the Colette Palette Challenge this year. I've been slowly trying to work more colors into my wardrobe over the last year or so and I'm glad I finally have some fun things to work with!

Teal, coral, and yellow are my favorites and most-worn colors so no surprises there. But I've avoided wearing red for years - ever since I started dying my hair red in high school. I've found that certain shades of red can look good on me (depending on the state of my hair color) so I'd like to give it a try again. Besides, I just bought this cotton sateen in "sangria" and I really love it. I'm planning to make a tulip shaped skirt with it sort of like the red one above.

These aren't exactly what I plan to sew by any means, just a source of inspiration. They are similar in design and color to some of the things I have in mind though. There's no way I'll be able to make everything I want. I'll be happy if I can get even half of them done by summer.

I'm still working on my Darling Ranges dress and expect to finish it by the end of the week. It's looking really great so far and I've been eager to finish so I can show it off!

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