A change of pace

May has been a surprisingly stressful month for me. Wedding planning has just kicked in full force, work has been crazier than ever, and I feel like I've hit a brick wall with my sewing.

I really needed more handmade garments to get through the remainder of Me-Made-May, but I spent all of my time working on a pair of Clovers that have some major issues. Apparently, even though my muslin fabric had the same lycra percentage as my fashion fabric, the two just don't fit the same. I had to reorder fabric, redo the waistband 3 times, then when I finally finished and thought they fit I wound up popping a seam at work. Thankfully there was serging underneath to save me a ton of embarrassment, but still...after all that work it kind of got to me.

So I decided to take a much needed break from sewing. I've been working on some quick and easy projects to get my craft mojo back up and it's been great. I want to focus more on enjoying life and stop judging myself by how many finished projects I can crank out within a month. I'm a slow sewer and that's ok. I just need to keep that in mind when I plan out crazy amounts of projects!

Here are my last 3 days of MMM photos:

Day 13 - Wearing my Darling Ranges dress while visiting my family back home in Alabama.

Day 14 - Wearing my modified Peter Pan collared Sorbetto again with a new cardigan.

Day 16 - Wearing an old favorite cardigan I saved from the trash (it had bleach stains on the sleeves) by chopping the sleeves to 3/4 and adding lace.

Anyone else stuck feeling stuck in a rut? What do you usually do that helps?

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