Me-Made-May '12, Days 1 - 4

My first week hasn't been too difficult. I've definitely found some holes in my wardrobe that I'm trying to fill now. The things I wore this week are my more practical items...which makes me worry about what I'm going to wear in the weeks to come. But I'm working on that.

On to the pictures!

Day 1: Wearing my first Sorbetto top that I made this year. I'm loving it with my new teal shoes!

Day 2: Wearing my yellow skirt made from an old 90's Simplicity pattern...and trying not to get crushed between the medical record carts at work!

Day 3: Wearing my Ava top by Victory Patterns. Definitely one of my favorite things I've made! And yes, I'm wearing a cardigan in Florida in 80 degree weather. It's cold in my office! And I'm still wearing my ID badge. Yay work?

Day 4: Wearing a top I made by modifying the Sorbetto pattern - it has a white eyelet fabric on top and teal jersey knit for the bottom. Still rockin' the khakis since I just got home from work, but I'm changing out of these for movies later tonight :)

Today I'm marathon-sewing a pair of Clovers. Will I have them finished by Monday? Tune in next time!