Me-Made-May '12 - Days 5 - 10

Just a quick eyes have decided it's sleepytime. ZzZzzzzz...

Day 5 - Wearing a kimono sleeve top I made out of jersey using the Sorbetto pattern as a base. This top didn't turn out the way I'd hoped and I rarely ever wear it, but I wanted to give it another chance.

Day 6 - Wearing a skirt I made several years ago to our craft group meeting today. I think it was the first successful garment I made after I started sewing. I didn't use a pattern, just followed a tutorial I found somewhere on Craftster.
Day 7 - Today I'm wearing a top I made about 2 years ago out of all repurposed materials. The floral print is from a pair of vintage curtains and the white part was cut from a thrifted tablecloth. I used a New Look pattern and it turned out looking like a tent on me, so I elasticized the waist. I have a ton of material left from those floral curtains and I love it - can't wait to make it into a nice full skirt!

Day 8 - I rolled out of bed late today so I had to keep it pretty simple. Here I'm wearing a top I made by modifying the Sorbetto pattern (yet again!). I love this top but it's going into my alterations pile - the armholes are too tight.

Day 9 - Behold, the power of coffee! Today I'm wearing a skirt I made from Simplicity 0466. It's made out of cotton lawn, lined with more cotton underneath...super comfy!
Day 10 - My first re-wear of the month - donning my yellow pleated skirt again. I enjoyed mixing in some other colors this time :)