I won a skirt from Lady Danburry!

Back in April, Lady Danburry of Thinking In Shapes hosted a giveaway offering the winner any item of their choosing from her shop. This is the first blog giveaway I've ever won - and I'm glad it was this one because I was really, seriously lusting after this skirt!

I basically made up a date night for me and the boy that weekend just so I could get fancied up and wear it. I'm not gonna lie, I'm tempted to wear it around everywhere regardless of the occasion because it's one of those things that just makes you feel amazing as soon as you put it on.

It's a full circle skirt made out of a heavy vintage wool, which makes for a lovely drape and an amazing urge to "swoosh" around everywhere you go! I forgot to get a picture of the inside, but it's lined in a cool retro looking silky print to keep the wool from itching. The back has a lapped center zip.

I'm seriously envious of The Lady's skills! She's been sewing all her life, owned her own tailoring shop, and made her own clothing line. Basically, all the stuff I dream about.

Lady Danburry, thank you so much for sending this my way. It's amazing and I'm going to wear it all over town with a big, stupid grin on my face!