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While I'm still waiting for our wedding photos to come in, I thought I'd go ahead and share one of the DIY projects I took on (of the many!). I fell in love with all of the adorable wooden clothespin toppers I'd been seeing on Etsy last year. I decided before we even got engaged that I definitely wanted one! Two of my favorite sellers who make these are Lollipop Workshop and Tiny Blossoms. We were on a tight budget, so I decided to try my hand at making these myself. It's super, SUPER tedious work but I actually really enjoyed it!

I used this tutorial at Going Sew Crazy as a general guide, but did mine quite differently. I couldn't find any tutorials for how to make the groom's suit so I figured that out on my own by just looking at the shapes and seamlines. I also used jewelry wire and embroidery thread for the arms rather than pipe cleaners, which I thought would make it look too much like a kindergarten craft project.

Read on for pictures of the process and the final (amazing!) cake...

How we began - naked, like Adam and Eve, laying in our plastic grocery bag home

I wasn't quite sure how I should tackle my hair-do. Most of the toppers I've seen like this were made with round wooden beads used to resemble an updo, but I'd planned to wear my hair down. I could have used Sculpey to create the side curls - and now I actually think that would have worked better, but I was skeptical at the time. I asked my mom to be on the lookout for a doll with red hair that I could use. I was thinking of maybe a thrift store Barbie...maybe someone's rejected Little Mermaid doll. What she brought me may show up in your nightmares tonight - you have been warned!

AHHHHHHHHHHHH, OMG super creepy doll! All she's missing is some peeling paint, torn out hair, and a good roll in the dirt. That's ok though, she's perfect for what I needed! I cut out a nicely curled lock in the back of her head and stuck it on my mini-me. Muahahahaha, I have created a Frankendoll!

The hair flower was actually made just like the bigger version that I made for myself. Of course, it looks HUGE on my mini head here! I would up trimming it down a bit after this picture was taken, but it's still a very big flower. Whatev, it's cute anyway.

Mini-Scott, looking quite dapper in his dress shirt, pants, and tie.

My friend Sarah made the cake and it turned out gorgeous!

The gum paste flowers came from A Cake to Remember and I highly recommend them. I wound up having to order these sort of last minute and I was still able to get them within a week, and with plenty of time to spare before the wedding.

I love that this kind of cake topper also serves as a keepsake after the wedding is over. It's now sitting on a shelf in our dining room. It's something that will make me smile for a long time after the big day :)

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