The Owl Sweater

...that took me a year to knit.

Ok, not really. I started this sweater around Thanksgiving of last year, worked on it off and on for about two weeks, then put it down. I finally picked it up again a couple of weeks ago and just finished weaving in the last bits yesterday. As luck would have it, today just happened to be Florida's first official chilly day of the season!

This is the first article of clothing I've ever knit so I'm pretty excited about it. I did a whole lot of “winging it” with this pattern and I’m honestly surprised it turned out so well! I deviated from the pattern a lot to get a better fit and I wasn’t too sure what I was doing at times. The body of the sweater fits perfectly, couldn’t be happier with that part! The top from the shoulders up is probably a size too small. My numbers came out weird there after joining the sleeves, but I thought increases would look weird so I went with it. It’s not uncomfortable, but the stitches are definitely stretched out there more than they should be.

I think I will frog back enough to lower the front neckline - that part was bothering me all day rubbing against my neck. Otherwise, I LOVE it!!!! I can’t believe I actually made this thing and I want to knit more wearables now!

I took a very "sewist" approach to my initial fitting issues with this sweater. I took my measurements at several points from my hips to bust and used my gauge swatch to calculate how many stitches I would need at each point to achieve fit. Then I used that as a guide to figure out when and how much to decrease/increase at each row. 

I really like having a knitting project going on the side for the times when I want to relax and watch tv. If nothing else, it gives me something I can bring to craft group and I can always work on it there.

My next knitting project will be the Miette Cardigan in yellow. I can never have enough cardigans in my life!

I hope all of you Northeasterners are staying safe tonight! Hurricanes are no fun at all.

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