The Bridesmaid Dresses

My wedding pictures are finally in and I can't wait to share some of the things Scott and I made for our big day! First off, the bridesmaid dresses.

I spent months on these, which was way longer than I expected. Most of that was spent dying fabric, re-dying fabric, re-dying fabric AGAIN (sigh!), making get the point. This was the first time I'd made a garment for anyone other than myself and I was just a wee bit nervous. I'm so proud of the finished dresses though, it really was a labor of love!

Here is my Maid of Honor, Amy, in her Cambie dress:

 And Sarah in her modified Pastille dress:

Sarah was a trooper and endured many, many fitting sessions in my battle with those darts. I finally fixed them...3 days before the wedding! I wound up ripping out the original darts and having her try on the dress inside-out while I pinned new ones into place. They still aren't perfect, but we both had a HUGE sigh of relief after I finally got rid of the "point" that was there before. 

I had ambitions of making all three, but in the end there just wasn't enough time to make the third. I'm so glad now that I made that decision and didn't try to slap something together - I was way too stressed out and I'm sure it would have been a nightmare! The dress that Lianne picked out worked really well with the other two. And I was still able to get the color gradient effect that I was going for.

I thought my girls all looked amazing. I kept looking over throughout the night and cheering a little inside seeing the way the dresses fit and moved with them. I had a few people who knew of my bridesmaid dress struggles commenting, "I bet you'll never want to make another dress after this" and I'd always say, "Nope. I just want to make more!". I'm a little crazy like that.

More wedding DIY goodness to come later this week!

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