Making progress on the Miette...

I tend to knit in spurts, usually whenever I have a lot of "sitting on the couch time" or am feeling too lazy to sew. So while I've been feeling pretty lousy (and lazy!) over the last couple of weeks, at least that means I'm making some progress on this cardigan...

The "bad sleeve" is the one I knit first and didn't realize until sleeve #2 that I'd totally read the pattern wrong! I decreased just under the armpit, leaving a weird pucker and a kind of tight sleeve from there down. I seemed ok until I saw what it's supposed to look like. So, bad sleeve has been frogged and restarted. I must have picked up some speed since I just started it last night and I'm already half way done! I think I'm finally getting the hang of using two circulars.

The bust will fit better once I have my proper undergarments on *ahem*. I got a little excited there and totally forgot I don't have boobs unless there's padding involved. I had debated whether I should leave the bust shaping out, but it's such a cool little detail that I had to keep it. It's definitely something I've never seen in a RTW sweater.

But hey, it's going to look so awesome once it's done! This shade of mustard yellow is my favorite. Must...knit....faster!

But not too fast because I still have a bra to finish. And a Beignet. At least I've finally gotten my sewing energy back!

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