Drafting a skirt

I've been wanting to tackle pattern drafting for a while, but of course I kept putting it off because I already have so many patterns I've bought that I want to make. Then I realized that if I wait until I make all of the patterns on my list before doing this I will literally be waiting forever. So, here we go: Pattern drafting time!

I searched for good instructions on drafting a basic skirt block and came across this awesome series of Youtube videos by Corinne of Threadbanger fame (which I just discovered is BACK - eeeee!). Her instructions are straightforward and really easy to follow. I can't report on the results because I haven't finished my muslin yet, but did want to show some of the process in making this.

After seeing other sewing bloggers show off their double tracing wheels I decided that I MUST have one of these things! And after using it I can honestly say I'm in love. The wheels can easily be adjusted to several different widths or removed for single wheel tracing.

Also, I don't know why I never realized that I could use a tracing wheel to trace my pattern size directly onto the fabric before cutting. This whole time I've been meticulously cutting out my size (after tracing it onto paper!), placing it on fabric, and then cutting directly around it. And I was wondering why it took me so long to cut my patterns out! This way I just cut around the whole piece, trace it onto fabric, cut - done. Oh, and with the double tracing wheel I can have both cutting lines and seam lines marked. Revelation! Someone else tell me you didn't know this. I feel silly!

This pattern piece serves as the front and back. The red lines up top are the ones you follow for the back piece. The front is cut on fold while the back is cut in two pieces. Genius!

The double tracing wheel in action...


Aaaand here comes Morgan to inspect the new pattern piece...

It's approved! High five!