The happiest cardigan in my closet

The Miette is finished! And hey, look, now I match my blog!

Mustard yellow is my favorite color (next to teal...and peach or coral. I put these colors into just about everything I make. It's a problem). 

This pattern was a breeze to knit. I highly recommend it! The smallest bust size offered in the pattern is 34" so I knit up a gauge swatch and switched needle sizes until I got just the right numbers to give me a 32" bust. You could do the same thing for larger sizes by going up a needle size. With this being a very fitted cardigan, definitely do a gauge swatch! 

I think I ended up with a great fit, except that the area between my shoulders and bust seems to be a bit too big. The raglan sleeves look like they're too far off my shoulders and I can pinch out a good 1 inch of fabric on both sides just underneath my shoulders. I think that may be an issue with the pattern though - I noticed the same issue in most of the finished Miettes on Ravelry. I'm not sure how I would fix that without making the bust too small. At least it's not very noticeable, but it's something to keep in mind if you plan to make this.

I knit this up in Knit Picks Swish Worsted in Honey. I ooh'd and ahhh'd over this stuff when it arrived in the mail. Such a pretty color! So soft and squishy! I'd heard my knitting friends rave about this yarn before but this was my first time using it. I'll definitely be using it again, it was awesome! Being wool, it is really toasty though. Great for winter, but it's really warming up here in Florida. I'm thinking I should try one of the lighter Knit Picks yarns, but I hate knitting with cotton and acrylic equally. Any suggestions?

I've already worn this cardigan 3 times this week (not counting today for the photos). I wore it with pants twice and it just looked off to me. It think it looks best when paired with a dress or skirt that cinches in at the natural waist. I finally got around to altering this dress that has been in my pile forever because I thought these would go perfectly together. I'm glad I did!

Now if something could just motivate me to get through the rest of my alterations pile...ugh. I don't even want to think about it.

I am officially addicted to knitting cardigans. Which is a good thing because I can never have enough! Even in the blazing summer, there are air conditioned buildings to deal with and I am a weakling who goes reaching for my cardigan at the slightest breeze. Plus I kind of want to beat Mr. Rogers for Most Cardigans Owned By One Person.

I just ordered yarn for my next cardigan, which will be based on one I already own. It's made of super cheap acrylic yarn that has pilled to death and I can't stop wearing it because it's warm and goes perfectly with everything! That yarn needs to get here soon because I just don't feel right watching The Walking Dead without two sticks and a ball of yarn in my lap...and it's on now. Time to go!

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