A Dotted Datura

I'll admit, I wasn't fully on the Deer and Doe bandwagon until they released their new collection. I was impressed that the new designs are not only cute and wearable, they're really unique! I don't think I've seen anything out there like the Datura or Reglisse. I tried to talk myself out of ordering more patterns (I have so many I haven't made!) but after about a week I finally broke down and ordered two. I've been sort of obsessing about the Datura blouse ever since I saw it (Seriously. It has been haunting my thoughts). While patiently awaiting my air mail from France, I looked through my stash and immediately spotted some great fabric combinations. As it turns out, this pattern is the perfect solution to all these one yard cuts of voile I have laying around!

Let me just say, I loved that I was addressed as "Madam Shona Roon" on the packaging. Oh, those French really know how to flatter a silly American girl!

Let's start with the positive. Things I love about this top:

- The colors! I love how the grey makes the yellow and aqua blue pop without being overbearing.

- The fabric! The voile I used for the bottom half is an Amy Butler print (once again, THANK YOU quilting fabric companies for using some apparel weights now!!!!). It's called "Laurel Dots" and it feels amaaaaazing. Buttery smooth and just floats when you wear it!

- The cutout neckline. I think cutout details may be my new peter pan.

- Buttons down the back! I've been wanting to make a buttoned back shirt forever and ever, why did I wait so long?

- The curved bias bound hem. I hadn't tried it before and now I'm a convert!

- The loose, flowy, just-skims-over-the-body silhouette. I used to wear only fitted clothing, feeling like anything too loose just made me look even more bean pole like but I've been wearing a lot of this style lately. Probably from oogling everything Sallie Oh puts on. Thanks Sallie!

On the downside:

- This pattern is really lacking detailed instructions. It says "advanced" on the cover, and I didn't understand why until I actually started sewing it. It does assume that you know certain construction techniques. I think I have been spoiled by the super detailed, hand holding instructions from other indie pattern companies and assumed this pattern would be similar in detail.

- I originally planned to use a grey cotton lawn for the top portion, but after I'd already used it all up cutting another Datura and bias binding, I realized I forgot to cut the back pattern piece! I was so in love with the grey combined with this print that I couldn't bring myself to use anything else. So I went to my only fabric resource available - JoAnn - and settled for a grey quilting cotton. Waaaah! I feel like the quality of the top suffers for it, but I'm at least happy I still got the look I was going after.

On the upside again...hey, look, I FINALLY have something to wear with these shoes! Note to self - buy more aqua.

My measurements put me in three different sizes - a 34 bust, 36 waist, and 38 hip. In retrospect, I should have just cut a straight 34. This top is already really loose and the extra flair created by sizing up at the bottom just wound up looking like a maternity top. At first I convinced myself this was just the style and it's supposed to be that way, but after completely finishing the top I looked at the pictures on Deer and Doe's website and realized the original is not nearly that huge. So I took it in from just below the bust straight down to the hip. I must have cut out at least 1.5 inches at the hips on each side!

I took a tip from Roobeedoo's experience and halved the dart just as she did. Judging from my muslin, I believe this pattern is cut for a C cup. The muslin fit me a lot like Colette patterns do. I also had to take in the front shoulder by about an inch because the yoke was almost falling down to my bustline.

I did really appreciate the bias binding template included with this pattern. My regular bias tape maker was much smaller than this called for so I did use it and it works! I made a little video showing the method I used...hopefully I'll be able to upload that soon. My computer is not being very nice to me at the moment.

Yay, buttons! They're just sewn on, I didn't see any reason to make them functional. But they still make me super happy. Why? No idea. Buttons on everything!!!

In other news, my wee little blog just passed 200 followers on Bloglovin' and I'd like to celebrate by doing my first giveaway! I will try to get my stuff together and post it before this weekend. Stay tuned :)

Do any of you have a Datura in your near future? I'm curious to hear how the construction and fitting works for others.


  1. Man, now I have to buy this pattern. My poor wallet.

    Yours turned out great!

  2. This is super cute! I've been scared to buy patterns built for C cup women (as I'm barely an A cup) because of all the crazy alterations I would have to do. But now I'm tempted to buy some Deer and Doe patterns since it seems to have worked out for you (:

  3. So cute on you! The colours and fabric are lovely together. Great tips to keep in mind too.

  4. It's super sweet and I love the colours you combined too. I too think this pattern is unique and I've got plans to make it really soon ;o) Thanks for all the tips on sizing and construction, they'll come in really handy!

  5. That's so cute!
    I do think one of the main reason this pattern is marked as "advanced" is because you need to know quite a bit about construction to tackle it. That being said, you did a great job!

  6. Love the colour combo. Congrats on your double century!!

  7. This is just lovely and really great detail in your post. Love it.

  8. OooOO I didn't love it until I saw the back. Now I'm in loooove! So cute and you did a beautiful job :)

  9. I love the button back of the top. I'm starting to have an obsession with these kinds of blouses.

  10. This is adorable! You did such a great job on those cutouts, getting the sharp corners had to have been challenging. Love the button back!

  11. very cute, great fabric combination =)

  12. Your datura blouse is so cute. I too wasn't really feeling the deer and doe patterns until recently. I'm still not sure about some of the pieces. The datura is definitely my favourite and yours is lovely!

  13. Perfect blouse to welcome summer. I like this pattern. Love how the button back starts after the back yolk.

  14. This looks great, I love all of the little details with this pattern.

  15. It's just beautiful on you! Love it. Are you going to make more?

  16. The grey matches perfectly! The Datura Blouse is the one pattern that I've been drooling over, even though I already have too many! This is such a lovely creation, and I adore your colour choices! x

  17. Ohhh ahhh! This looks smashing on you! And when did Ms Butler start doing apparel weights? That is awesome!

  18. I love your version of this fantastic pattern! Your colors are spot on. I have so many woven top patterns similar to this one that I just can't justify buying it, but versions like this are going to wear me down!

  19. Actually your version of Datura convinced me of it... I've only lately understood how genius the Deer & Doe patterns are. But you're right: they are made for the C cup. Also: I don't know if this is a general thing in Europe, but at least in Finland where I'm from the pattern instructions expect you to know a lot of things. We learn sewing at school and learning by yourself is quite a new thing.

    And one more thing: I live in France now and I also love that French people call me Madame :) You can usually choose between Madame/Mademoiselle, and I always pick Madame, even though I'm not married. It just sounds more respected (I lived in Texas when I was in high school and I loved how people would call me ma'am! I was 17 and felt so grown up!).

  20. I just found your blog and I LOVE your Datura top! I'm planning on making one today so I was looking for inspiration - yours is absolutely perfect. I love your color combinations!


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