My experience with the Uniquely You Dressform

Once I decided that I need to finally get this dress form done, I went looking online to see if there were any tutorials or videos on how to fit the cover. There are plenty of reviews but no videos or in depth information on people's experience with it. I've been wanting to try making a video for this blog for a while, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to try it out.

I've never made any kind of video before so please excuse my noobishness there. I started out super nervous, but got more comfortable being in front of the camera toward the end. I'd like to learn more so that I can make some improvements and hopefully there will be more tutorials and reviews to come :) I have some good ideas in mind.

Things I learned through the process of making this video:

1) My accent really does come out more when I'm relaxed! (I'm originally from Alabama)

2) I make really funny faces when I talk. I had a good time going through the stills and laughing at myself!

I would add "I'm pretty awkward" and "I need better lighting!" to this list, but I already know these things. I'm cool with my awkwardness, but the lighting issue will have to wait until my bank account has recovered from this new sewing machine! (Oh yeah, did I mention I got a new machine? More on that later!)

If you are looking to order one of these, don't make the same mistake I did - make sure you order the correct size form! Order according to your largest measurement. The foam can squish in to become smaller, but the only way to make it bigger is to pad it out with batting. Also, don't be afraid to cut into it if you need to. Just be careful and try to round it out as well as possible. I give some tips on how to do this toward the end of the video.

This was definitely a time consuming and often frustrating process, but I think the results are worth it in the end. If you are a hard to find size or between sizes (or a mix of many sizes as a lot of us are!) then this is really the way to go. If you have a sewing friend to help you out then you'll probably have an easier time than I did. The instructions are a good starting point, but they really aren't very helpful. And seriously, couldn't the company stand to update those things?


Also, don't do what I did and try putting the cover on the form by yourself. Multiple times. Ugggghhhhh. I'm totally not kidding about how sore I am after that!

If any of you have tried this or another custom dress form solution, I'd love to hear about it in the comments.

Enough of this thing, I'm ready to start draping!