Sewing In Public - My First Booth

Last week I received an invitation to Maker's Fest here in Gainesville. It's a small event designed to help bring the creative community together and raise funds for community development. Of course the title caught my eye ("I'm a maker!!!!"), but then I read through the description which said they were still looking for DIYers to participate. I contacted the event organizer....three days before the event! And yes, they still had space. And the booth was free. How could I turn that down?!

I had two days to design and print business cards, find a tent, and get my class details and samples ready to show off. It was crazy! But I honestly think I work best under pressure when my adrenaline is going and all I can think about is getting my vision together. Granted, it was a small vision, but I had a good idea of how I wanted my booth to work.

I wanted to get people interested in sewing, show what they can do, and spread the word about my upcoming sewing classes. So I decided to bring along my two dress forms wearing samples of each of my garment classes (Gathered Skirt and Staple Dress). And I decided that I wanted to actually sew in public so that people can see the process for themselves, and that making your own clothes is totally doable!

Photos by Ana Karolina


Seriously, if you ever get the chance to sew outside in public - do it! Make sure it's something easy that you already know how to make well (that's why I picked the gathered skirt) because concentrating can be a challenge in that setting. But something about being able to sew outside with a cool breeze blowing and a live band playing and people dancing right in front of me was just effing amazing. I was bobbing along while pressing my seams and stitching away.

People were coming up to my booth all day and I got to talk to them about sewing. It was so great seeing their eyes light up once they realized the stuff I had on display was handmade! I had lots of great conversations throughout the day and met some very interesting folks. Since my class schedule hasn't been finalized yet, I made an email list to follow up with anyone interested. I had a ton of people sign up!

Even though I was talking and handing out business cards all day, I somehow still managed to finish the skirt I started that afternoon, cutting and everything. 

Sorry for the poor lighting here, it was almost dark when the event ended.

All in all, a very successful day! It was just what I needed to get out of this funk I've been in and get excited about starting my new job. Which will hopefully be next week :) I can't wait!

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