Banner Swap, Anyone?

Melissa at Scavenger Hunt posted this idea recently:

"Hi fellow bloggers! I've been working hard lately on improving all aspects of my blog and I had an idea: would any of you fellow small-time bloggers out there would be interested in doing a little banner ad swap for the month of July? Basically we would agree to display each other's buttons in our sidebars for a month as a way to support each other and grow our audience without any extra cost. Win-win, right?"

I love it! I've already agreed to swap with her, but I have plenty of space left. Would any of you other DIY/Craft/Sewing bloggers like to participate? I was thinking that I could feature different blogs each month as a way to help promote one another and find great new reading material in the process :)

Just send me an email with a link to your blog and your 250 x 100 pixel banner image attached.

Here is mine:

Happy stitching!