My personal croquis

We're about to head out for dinner so this will have to be a quick post, but I had to share this!

I think I mentioned buying the new Colette Sewing Handbook earlier (and I swear I'll stop referencing them in every post once I get over the excitement of this thing). Page 37 explains how to make your own fashion croquis, or figure drawing. Basically, you just take a picture of yourself in really tight-fitted clothing, print it out, and then trace your silhouette. I've seen a lot of other sewing bloggers post theirs and I finally got around to making mine just now. It's definitely a weird process to go through that makes you look at yourself and all your flaws. But after seeing how totally unrealistic the croquis offered in fashion books and online are, I think I'd rather take mine.

It's a mini-me!

Yep, I'm definitely pear shaped and have uneven hips from scoliosis. No surprises there. But I was at least happy to see that I actually do have some curves!

* Edited to include the side and back views that I just finished (sans feet, unfortunately...those were chopped out of the picture but I wasn't about to retake it!).

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