Amy's Bag of Awesome + MMM Week 2

Last year, after picking up some fabric at Ikea, my good friend Amy had an idea for a purse and asked for my help in making it. opportunity to teach someone else to sew? Of course I will! The only thing is, I had absolutely no experience in making purses. I assumed that if we followed a sewing pattern that looked like what she had in mind then we'd have plenty of guidance in putting it together. She wanted a crescent shaped, crossbody bag with a zipper at the top. The only pattern we could find with those requirements was Burda 8305, view F. I'd never worked with a Burda pattern before (not counting the downloadable BurdaStyle patterns, but those are different). I'd heard tales of how undecipherable their instructions are and now I can totally agree. Those instructions were pretty much useless!

We got all the way to the zipper insertion and then it sadly sat in my UFO pile for months...until this week. Amy got accepted to grad school in Austin, so we finally made a sewing date to get this bag finished before she has to leave! I scoured the internet beforehand looking for some kind of instructions to help me out. I found a couple of helpful tutorials (this one and this one) and we pretty much just figured it out as we went. There was a lot of seam ripping involved. But honestly, I feel like I learned so much! I'm kind of fascinated with bag construction now. And we're both so excited about the end result. I think it turned out looking very stylish and professional!

Ignore that strap in the photos, it was borrowed from another purse so we could see what it will look like on. Amy has plans to use some leather from her parent's old sofa cover to make the strap. It's a deep caramel brown and I think it will look perfect with the colors here! I really love the fabric she picked out and the chunky metal zipper she chose to go with it. I'm thinking I should let her design some things for me to sew up...possible blog feature maybe?

Despite the hurdles we faced here, teaching a friend to sew was a really great experience. She was so excited to see her vision completed, and that just totally made my day! I'm itching to do more teaching (on something I'm knowledgeable about!) and looking into ways I can make that happen locally.

Me Made May is still going well so far. I have a couple of projects in the works but keep switching between so many things that I can't seem to get anything finished! I definitely need to add more basic tees in the mix. The ones I've made really don't fit well. On the other hand, I've been forced to wear dresses and skirts more often since this challenge started! Here is my Week 2 roundup...

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